Prophetic Words That Make Sense To People

By Ned Mickenzie

Since the beginning of time, prophecy was a sought after gift. Many kings, rulers and presidents sought to get readings. A psychic reading is said to give someone answers that they are troubled with. In ancient Egypt, many kings and rulers called upon their seers to get answers for them. They wanted to know why things were not working as they should. When trouble arose, it was the prophets that bailed them out of trouble.

Many prophets today work from home. Some say that it's best to get clients to come to you for prophetic words. Over time, you will be able to see that your prophetic words actually help people. From time to time, you will see for yourself that you can overcome any obstacle with a psychics help. Psychics have been used since the beginning of time. They were once considered to be the answers for kings and rulers seeking answers.

Many prophets have shown their accuracy over the years. Many great astrologers like Nostradamus have shown their accuracy with the stars. Nobody knows exactly how Nostradamus was able to see into the past, present and future with his spiritual gifts. However it is clear that he predicted the assassination of JFK and he picked up the name Hister to represent Hitler of WWII. He was close enough to see that he was onto something huge.

Most prophets were not accepted. They were often considered to be freaks of nature or people that saw the future and often did so by demonic influence. Many people that lived during the dark ages were stoned and put to death by fire because of their gifts. It is a shame to see people hurting today because someone told them a prophecy. Prophets are often considered to be spiritual ministers. A prophet is someone that is called by God to speak the truth about something.

It was a scary time for witches living during the middle ages. Many witches were burned alive because they were said to be associated with the devil. A famous story by the name of "The Witches of Salem" is a true depiction of how women were treated if they were said to be associated with witchcraft. It was considered a crime.

If you read strictly from spirit, you are prone to see more. Most people mess up their readings because they talk too much. They often argue with the psychic and tell them what they want to hear. In reality, people need to focus on what the psychic is saying and talk less. In reality, they will find the answers that they are searching for over time. Life is more about learning as you go. You can find a psychic to read for you if you search for one on the internet.

A lot of people keep prophetic journals in which they write down the true meaning of their readings. Many people believe that if someone sees something prophetic for their life, then they should believe it. Others say that it's not true. What do you believe? It is important to understand that not every prophet's words are accurate. There are many false prophets in the world today that are not really "psychic". They simply see things with their imagination.

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