Why Hotel Blocks For Weddings Are Important For Many Events Planners

By Thomas Stone

Hotels that rank 4 to 5 stars offer many amenities that are conducive to the happiness level of each customer. And these amenities also offer a way for many events planners to book a single property for a wedding event. This not only reduces time to look for all the great things to keep the clientele satisfied and extremely elated.

And yet you still try to find a way then you found one along the way. And these are called hotel blocks for weddings since that is easier to set up the wedding rites instead of the party happening after the rite. You need a place for your guest to meet and mingle will celebrating the happiest day of your life.

You believe that this is a good idea but there is a hint of doubtfulness in you. Because you think that you are not knowledgeable enough to become your own wedding planner. However it is easier to fall into this kind of thinking especially if you do not believe in yourself.

However in many hotels ranking between four to five stars it is easier to book wedding event in those places because they offer that as part of their property amenities. The perks of booking blocks compared to singular rooms prevent you from wasting money. This means that instead of holding rooms and paying huge sums of money that goes to unused rooms in the future saves you more money.

Your only responsibility is to reach the minimum amount of guest to book each hotel room. But hotels help their clients to fill these unbooked rooms as part of the agreement. Because once the amount of guest have been confirmed then it is easier to let go of some rooms. Which can greatly reduce the chances of you from gaining a penalty.

For one it saves the couple the time to book several rooms at different prices. However booking a block means you book a sector or a floor of rooms to put your your visitor in and most hotels offer several rooms to go unbooked. This not only saves you money but prevents you from paying for rooms that non arriving guest will not use during the wedding.

A good point to remember that most hotel help you sell. Most of these unused rooms so you will not be held responsible when most of your guest does not appear. And one perks that come with booking blocks is the right to utilize the amenities if you inform the concierge first.

So once you have booked these rooms it is effortless to deliver the messages to your guest. Your message should include the number of rooms, which hotels are you staying, and how much the rate is per night. Not only should you include the booking hotline and website, but also the discount code and the expiration date.

Once everything has been set you just need to wait around, but do not wait too long because you might miss on the developments. Give the hotel a call one to two weeks before the actual date. Finding out before the real day is a much better way than finding out late because some guest may not arrive for personal reasons and to connect with guest who have not replied yet.

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