The Duties Of An Uncontested Divorce Attorney

By Sharon Ellis

Uncontested divorce is how the majority of couples handle divorce cases. This explains why it is essential to get services of an uncontested divorce attorney. They will be able to tell you what is required for the case. The no contest divorces are a very inexpensive way of ending marriages in a quiet and dignified manner. It usually is the best option when one wants their divorce to be very speedy.

Uncontested divorces will normally occur when couples who are married decide that whereas they do not want to stay together, they are not willing to get into a messy divorce. Messy divorces arise when a couple cannot agree on the way to split assets they got during the marriage. The hiring of attorneys is never such a tough task. The attorney sits down with the couple and explains what details will be involved in the case. The couple will be able to understand what will transpire.

The details of such divorces can be handled from the office of the lawyer. The fact that the couple are not in conflict about assets obtained during marriage means appearances before a judge will be few if any. Couples who have not been married for a long period of time and have no minor children to care for and just a few assets may not need attorneys. This is especially so if the state has a simple process that fits their situation.

In the case of couples with complex situations and disagreements, uncontested divorce will not work in most cases. This is majorly because reaching an agreement will not be too easy. When choosing an attorney, there are different important considerations. There are those who charge a flat rate while others charge hourly. With the hourly rate arrangement, a retainer fee is paid in advance.

The retainer fee is placed in a special account of the attorneys. As the cases go on, the lawyers bill their time. When the billing cycle has ended, the client will be billed for the time which was spent on the case. The money is then transferred to the attorney. Total cost of the case will depend the entire length of time the attorney has worked. However, full costs are only known after the client is given the billing statement.

Flat rates are also referred to as non-refundable retainers. These are still somehow unusual among a number of attorneys. The benefit of this arrangement is that no matter how long the attorney works on the case, clients know how much they will pay. The disadvantage is that should there be a disagreement, it is not covered and one must pay another retainer fee.

When seeking to get the best professionals for a case, it is advisable to go for persons with the best experience in local laws. This is so because there are different regulations for various counties. This explains the reason for going for locally available attorneys.

When it comes to selection of attorneys, the best are those who can you focus. They should have adequate experience. Attorneys should have the interests of the clients at heart.

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