Southern California Beach Wedding Planning Tips

By Christopher Bell

One of the most important, and memorable events in an individual's life is getting married. For many, their dream scenario is to have their ceremony on the sand in front of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. There are a couple of things one should be aware of when making plans for a romantic Southern California beach wedding to help make the experience smoother.

The beautiful sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean at sunset is an incredibly popular setting for marriage ceremonies, it is best to start getting things planned and confirmed as early as possible. Although there are several wonderful venue options available, booking tends to fill up quickly. There are some restrictions that may also have an impact on which locations will work for a particular couple.

Actual private sections on the sand are extremely limited but there are many incredible waterfront venues that have a lot to offer. They may have an exclusive access area where the ceremony may be held, or they could have a space inside or out, that overlooks the ocean. Things like guest count, catering desires and special needs or requests will affect one's options.

If the ceremony is to actually take place on the sand, it is very important to make sure all guests are made aware of this. The knowledge will allow them the opportunity to choose clothing and shoes that is more appropriate for this setting. The locations should also factor into the bride's choice when selecting her gown and footwear, which should perhaps be less formal than traditional options.

As an extra measure to make guests as comfortable as possible at the location in concern for both the sand and the glaring sun, there are a few amenities that could be offered. Shoe valets, where people can exchange their dressy footwear for event customized flip flops, and designated areas to brush their feet off afterwards are very convenient and considerate. Providing hats, visors or sunglasses to shield their eyes is another great option.

Though the area is known for its perfect weather, it does occasionally rain or become windy. It is always advisable to have some sort of back up plan in place whenever an outdoor event is desired. For this reason, most venues actually have indoor spaces, shelters, tents or affordable rental contacts, that are available for emergencies.

Having excessive decorations may be going a bit overboard since it is hard to top the beauty of the Pacific Ocean as a background. Generally speaking, simple seat covers, and arches or chuppahs with minimal adornment are the perfect way to frame the bridal party against the setting. Floral arrangements are best limited to just a few bouquets on solid pedestals or small accent pieces on chairs along the aisle.

This type of ceremony is truly personal but their is a business aspect to it that should not be forgotten. A lot of headache can be avoided by carefully reading all contracts with one's planner, caterer, venue and vendors before signing the agreements. It is highly advisable to verify with all coordinators to confirm that all necessary permits have been obtained.

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