Iphone Online Courses Are Worth Your Time

By Evelyn Walls

The Internet has become a valuable resource for learning how to do just about anything. It is no surprise that you can use iPhone online courses to become an iPhone expert, or maybe you just want to know how to use the GPS. Apple does have some information on their website, but there are better resources. The older phone models had buttons to push and were easier to use. But they did not have one tenth the functionality of any smart phone. With so many functions it is impossible to have a button for everything. Learning how to use an iPhone, or some other smart phone, has become a fundamental part of every day life. No one should feel any shame about needing some extra help. Smart phones are not self explanatory.

There is a great website that offers free step by step instructions on nineteen different features found on every phone. It includes a quiz so you can test yourself to see how much you have retained. The good thing is that you can do this any time anywhere with your phone, iPod or iPad. The instructions are very clear and can be reviewed again and again as needed.

Log into the iTunes site to find several free tutorials. There are free videos to help you with the basics, and some will refer the user to more resources. These courses are brief, but you can learn a lot in a short bites of time.

The online Apple store has some free support organized by categories. Transferring data from an old phone to a new one, settings and backup are some of the topics covered. This is a good place to make sure that you are backing up to the iCloud. If you lose or damage your iPhone this is a lifesaver.

There are paid courses online where you can usually get a ten day free trial, but after that the fee is about thirty five dollars a month. These course may be more robust and cover more topics. They offer an annual fee which is slightly less per month but you will pay one lump sum in excess of three hundred dollars. If you want to try these courses it seems reasonable to buy the service for a month before you commit that much money to something you may not use or need.

YouTube seems to be the source of all knowledge these days. There are multiple tutorials available that will not cost you anything but a few minutes of your time. Users can pick and choose the topics of interest.

Google Chrome has also jumped on the tutorial band wagon. The process is very similar to YouTube. Feel free to compare the two sites and toggle back and forth between the two to find the videos that work best for you.

You may not want to devote excessive time to learning how to use all the features of your iPhone. Still, it is a good idea to devote sufficient time so that you are in the loop and up to speed when the next version is introduced. Be patient with yourself. It really is not all that difficult, just a matter of learning a new skill.

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