Cruise Ship Weddings For A Day To Remember

By Sharon Cook

The Manhattan skyline is one of the most photographed and recognizable city views in the world. With cruise ship weddings couples can get married with this iconic view in the background. The lines offer packages to suit every budget and size of wedding. Visit the websites of the New York cruise ship lines to start your research.

The cruise ship lines usually have three to nine ships of different sizes, so the size of your yacht will be appropriate to the size of your wedding. You would not want a ship that accommodates twelve hundred people if you are planning a wedding for one hundred guests. Keeping costs in mind, the size of your wedding is the biggest factor in the total cost.

The various lines price their packages in one of two ways. Some have a base price per guest, and the couple pick and choose the items they want to add on from a check list that includes the price of each add on. The base price may seem low, but with all the extra items added the total per person may be more than expected. Other lines have a selection of package deals which are intended to be all inclusive. This simplifies the process because most of the planning has been already been done.

When choosing the latter, one of the advantages of having a wedding on a cruse ship is that it is a packaged deal, like one stop shopping. The cruise line has everything needed, from the florist to the wedding cake. This takes a lot of stress off the bride, and no bride wants to look stressed out on her special day to shine.

Your special day can be a daytime or night time event. This choice will definitely change the view. The New York City skyline at night is magical and romantic. If you want your event to include cruising by the Statue of Liberty, you might prefer a daytime event. The details of the Brooklyn Bridge, Lady Liberty and the breath taking skyline will be more visible during the day.

If a couple is going to get married on New York cruise, they should plan a New York City honeymoon. No passports needed and you are already there. Spend your days strolling through Central Park and visiting a few of the many museums. Top the night off with that Broadway show you have always wanted to see. New York cannot be beat for fine dining and shopping.

The staff on the cruise ship are specialists in planning weddings and creating memorable events. The couple can rest assured that all the details will come together perfectly. All that time that would have been spent selecting vendors for the wedding day can be spent planning a fantastic honeymoon.

Your wedding day is one of most important days in your life. You want it to be perfect for you and your guests. With the wonderful food choices, fine wine, and a dance floor for your first dance as a married couple, everything will come together just as you had hoped it would. Start your life together with a wedding that will create wonderful memories for years to come.

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