What Is A Christian Social Justice Blog

By Marci Nielsen

The message of Christ as captured in the gospel emphasizes a great deal on social justice. This means that a Christian social justice blog must remain faithful to the message of Christ despite addressing contemporary issues. The perspective adopted by such blogs should resonate with what Christ would advocate for were he to be living in the present day. This fidelity to Christianity must be maintained throughout.

A blogger who wishes to be regarded in light of Christ must be faithful to the ideals of Christianity in his interpretation. The message should not be twisted to achieve a particular end. This allows Christians visiting the site to understand the world around them the way Christ would have desired. This gives relevance to the gospel today despite a changing society.

Identity of such blogs can also be determined by the message they carry and the issues that are of concern to them. With increased environmental degradation, health concerns, wars, education and conservation, Christians have been forced to wade into the debate through blogs. There are advocates whose aim is to ensure that resources around the world are distributed equitably. Their voice can be heard from blogs.

There have been emerging issues that are not expressly provided for in the bible yet require the attention of Christians. Common among these issues is that of technology and its proper and improper use. Technology has been applied in medicine and warfare with both beneficial and devastating results. Bloggers shine light on how technology can be used to make the lives of other people better.

Some blogs are identified by the people and organizations determining their content. Religious groups and leaders are taking to the internet to attract the attention of a young population that remains internet savvy. The issues raised on such platforms are close to the minds of the young people. Professionals use such platforms to assist the young generation in identifying with the Christian perspective.

Politics is an integral part of any social justice advocacy mission. The leaders elected in a country make decisions and come up with policies that affect the masses under their jurisdiction. The blogs are used to scrutinize decisions made by such leaders through the Christian sieve. The aim is to protect the masses from policies that would be designed to favor small elite at the expense of the masses.

As the society changes, traditional Christian values are put under pressure. For instance, lobby groups are pushing for recognition of homosexuals and gays as legally married. Such a subject is divisive and has split the church and religious groups. Blogs are a perfect platform to express opinion and capture the views of a majority of people. The opinion of church leaders is also spread very fast through blogging.

Blogs have been used to highlight the work being carried out by individuals, leaders and groups in churches. This includes missions to different parts of the world, especially in areas that have been affected by disasters. The blogs showcase the work and attempts by Christians around the world to push for justice for the down trodden. The person or institution managing the blog will lend credibility to it.

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