The Only Way To Know Your Live Is Rock Solid

By Evan Sanders

Love, and experiencing all that love has to offer, is one of the greatest experiences you can ever have in your life.

But it's not always easy. In fact, true love can be incredibly hard at times.

But when you really think about it, the best test of the love you will have with someone else exists when there exists a chunk of space and time in between seeing one another. For some, this may actually be a breakup for one reason or another. For others, it may be that someone has to move in a different direction and you still decide to stay together.

But with true love, that bond is unbreakable.

Time and space between each other can actually be an incredibly good thing. You really get an opportunity to miss that other person and understand just how much they mean to you. It's not that you can't care for someone when they are with you, but you almost get used to their presence. A little bit of space solves that problem completely.

Real love is what miracles are made out of.

Funny thing is, even though you may have gone through a breakup with someone, those feelings that are left over between you and them will often be undeniable. If you can both drop your ego and really speak what is in your heart, you might just get back together.

When you really love someone, there's no acceptable excuse to mistreat them.

Loyalty and commitment are the only things that really matter. When in a long distance relationship, that space will create room for temptations, foreboding, worry, and many other challenges. These are tests of your love and your strength. Truly these tests will make you aware of how deep your love is for another person.

If you can get through these tests and not fall into the shallow enticements of life, you have got something incredibly special in your life. When you can really prove just how much you love another person, you end up trusting what you have created together that much more.

Relationships can be incredibly hard at times but they can bring the best out in you. They can make you into a man or woman who is better off than they were without the other person.

Are you willing to take a stand for true love?

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