The Beginning Of Dentistry And Information On Dentists

By Marci Nielsen

The prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and conditions which the oral cavity is affected by are done under a subfield of medicine called dentistry. Individuals who specialize in the provision of this kind of medicine are called dental surgeons or dentists. In Coppel, TX, when conducting medical procedures, these specialists are aided by a team of professionals, usually of lower levels of qualification. The assisting team of professionals varies in its content, size, and specialty in dentistry.

The first instance of humans to perform dentistry was recorded in the Middle Ages. The barbers are attributed with having been the first to conduct various forms of dentistry in France and China. The barbers were divided into distinct groups, lay and guild barbers. The latter were more educated and trained than the former, and in the years between 1530 and 1575, France prohibited lay barbers from performing surgical dentistry.

Besides dentistry of the Middle Ages, there is a new field of modern dentistry. In the modern age, France is considered as the origin of modern dentistry with Pierre Fauchard being hailed as the its father. The first academic institution for dentistry was opened in the US in the 1840s, which led to formation of professional organization. The field saw a lot of growth around that time as first academic degrees started being offered at the dental academic institutions.

Becoming a dentist involves several academic huddles. Aspirants need to start preparation from high school by taking dentistry-related courses like general chemistry and biology. High school prepares one for a bachelor degree in college before admission into dental school. College degree takes four years to complete, but some schools accept academically exceptional students at third year. However, this almost never happens.

The bachelor degree one earns does not have to be related to the field of dentistry. However, one may have an edge taking a medical-related course. This is because during the first years of study in dental school, students learn general concepts in medicine, which are usually covered in college. After earning the bachelor degree, one can make an application to a dental school of their choice.

Another four years of study awaits those that qualify to get into dental school. The field has two kinds of degrees. The school decides which kind to award to its students. All states demand students to be licensed before practicing. Students who have interest in more knowledge can pursue further studies.

Both public and private sectors offer employment to a dentist. It is the individual to decide whether or not to be employed in which case they set up private practice. Typical activities in dentistry include examination of patients, assessment of treatment options, and provision of advice to patients and the public about proper maintenance of oral health. Treatment options must be communicated to patients at all times.

These professionals maintain dental records for patients and those in management posts may recruit, train, and manage staff. Management positions also require dental surgeons to manage budgets of the facility they work in. They must also maintain stock of the equipment used.

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